Exclusive: New Galaxy Fold may be more affordable, feature 256GB storage

Samsung will finally release the Galaxy Fold in the next few weeks but there’s already some interest in the handset’s successor. The company’s first foldable smartphone has been through a rollercoaster ride ever since it was first introduced earlier this year. Samsung has addressed the issues which delayed the April launch and is now confident that it will be able to live up to expectations.

We’ve heard multiple times over the past few months that Samsung is working on new foldable smartphones as well. It’s believed to be considering different form factors and may also launch a more affordable model as not everyone will be willing to spend $2,000 on a smartphone. We hear that one of the ways that Samsung might bring the price down is by opting for lower internal storage on the new Galaxy Fold.

New Galaxy Fold could come with 256GB internal storage

The original Galaxy Fold comes with 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage. Samsung gave this device the best of everything. This wasn’t just to prove a point, that a first-gen foldable smartphone could hold its own, but also to give customers value for money. Samsung’s foldable smartphones will eventually become more affordable as the technology matures. There will also be other methods that the company can use to bring the price down.

The new Galaxy Fold that’s currently being developed bears model number SM-F700F. We’re told that it will come with 256GB of internal storage, half of what the Galaxy Fold features. Little else is known about this device right now. Whether it’s going to have a clamshell or outfolding form factor and whether it will have support for the S Pen.

Samsung may also choose to go with a different moniker but that’s beside the point. However, it’s the first sign that the company is working on a more affordable foldable smartphone. It will make a significant difference if Samsung is able to bring the price down by a few hundred dollars.

We’ll be sure to keep our ear to the ground and bring you any information about the new Galaxy Fold as soon as we get it.

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