Samsung working on a fix for WhatsApp Dual Messenger file sharing issue

Samsung’s Dual Messenger feature allows users to install two separate instances of popular instant messaging apps. This allows users to have two different Snapchat or WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. However, some users have been facing issues while using WhatsApp in the Dual Messenger mode, and Samsung is planning to fix those issues.

Galaxy smartphone users have been facing an issue where they are unable to send files saved on the phone via WhatsApp in the Dual Messenger mode. Moreover, users are unable to open files received via WhatsApp. This problem is present on WhatsApp version (or later). Samsung has announced via its forum that it will fix this issue with a software update in the future.

Until then, Samsung recommends sending files by opening the Gallery or My Files app, selecting the files, and sharing them via WhatsApp’s second instance. To open files received on WhatsApp, the South Korean firm recommends forwarding them to your first WhatsApp account and opening them from there. Samsung had introduced the Dual Messenger feature four years ago.

Are you facing this issue on your Galaxy device while using WhatsApp in Dual Messenger mode? Let us know in the comments section below.

Samsung Dual Messenger WhatsApp File Sharing Issue

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