Samsung to launch four foldable phones next year?

Samsung is quite literally doubling down on its foldable smartphone bet in 2021, according to a newly emerged report out of the company’s home country. South Korean sources claim the tech giant already greenlit two Galaxy Z Fold 3 models and another pair of successors to this year’s Galaxy Z Flip devices. The latter might skip the number two and launch as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 series, though all of the stated names are provisional as of today.

The report hence indicates we might not see another new foldable form factor from Samsung in 2021. As a reminder, previous industry rumblings suggested the company has been experimenting with stretchable devices.

Is Samsung done experimenting with novel foldable form factors?

With that said, Samsung supposedly hasn’t given up on extendable smartphone displays, Korean media reports. However, its latest alleged plan is to keep maturing the technology for at least another year before trying to mass-produce it.

As for the more immediate flexible-display devices, all four are said to be coming in the second half of 2021, with the current plan being for the production to start in August. The two Galaxy Z Fold 3 models will primarily differ by their target markets as Samsung supposedly has a special device planned for China. More special than its last two Galaxy Fold rehashes, that is.

Meanwhile, the next-gen Galaxy Z Flips should resemble something closer to a proper product series. As they will reportedly differ in terms of both features and performance, i.e. hardware. Furthermore, all four devices will supposedly launch with 5G support. And no, none of this seems like good news for the Galaxy Note series, though it’s still believed Samsung will deliver at least one more generation of its stylus-equipped flagships.

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