Samsung teases Galaxy Note 10’s Exynos 9825 processor on Twitter

Samsung has posted a teaser on Twitter for the new Exynos 9825 chipset that will power the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. As expected, the company isn’t naming the chip, but there’s no mistaking what’s being teased thanks to the date mentioned in Samsung’s tweet. Yes, August 7, the day the leaked-to-death Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ will finally go official.

Samsung is teasing both improved performance and a more intelligent new Exynos chip, and it’s the former that most of us will be concerned with, considering the Exynos 9820 in the Galaxy S10 series lags behind the Snapdragon 855 used in markets like the US and China. It also isn’t as efficient, and it’s all because of the 8nm FinFET process the Exynos 9820 was manufactured on compared to the 7nm process used for the Snapdragon 855.

The Exynos 9825 will be a 7nm chip that’s made using a more advanced 7nm process compared to what is used for the Snapdragon 855, allowing higher efficiency and performance. It remains to be seen if the Exynos 9825 will match the Snapdragon 855, surpass it, or still lag behind, but going by the few benchmark appearances of both the Snapdragon and Exynos Note 10+ models, the Exynos does seem to have a lead at least in single-core performance.

But only benchmarks done on retail units will tell us the true story, and we will reportedly have to wait until the final week of August before the retail units make their way into stores across the globe. We will also find out if there’s any truth to the recent rumor of the Exynos 9825 possibly powering the Galaxy Note 10 in the US, although the wait for that little nugget of information won’t be nearly as long.

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