Galaxy Note 10 could hit retail shelves on August 23

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ could go on sale worldwide on August 23, as suggested by a report from Yonhap. The report only talks about August 23 being the release date for South Korea, but for the last couple of years, Samsung has been putting its flagships up for sale in multiple countries around the world on the same day, and that’s likely to be the case for the Galaxy Note 10 as well. Pre-orders in South Korea will begin on August 9 according to local carriers.

Samsung will reportedly only launch the 5G variants of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ in its home country. In fact, our sources tell us only South Korea will get a 5G-enabled version of the smaller Note 10. It makes sense, though. 5G adoption in the country has outpaced adoption of 4G – the 5G subscriber count passed the 1 million mark in early June and is expected to reach almost 5 million by the end of this year thanks to the launch of the 5G-enabled Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note 10.

Pricing for the Note 10 and Note 10+ in South Korea is expected to start at around 1.2 million won (~$1,020) and 1.4 million (~$1190) won, which fits rumored pricing for the devices in other markets. It’s worth noting that other markets will get the LTE variants for those prices, so South Korean consumers will have a slight advantage. Thankfully, the 5G-enabled Galaxy Note 10+ is expected to be exactly the same as the LTE model in other departments, so the disparity won’t be as huge as it was between the Galaxy S10’s LTE and 5G variants.


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They need a 5G variant here in the USA on release day. I don’t want to buy a phone that isn’t future proof. Samsung has an upgrade program that is useless if they don’t release a 5g note 10! I’m so tired of Samsung’s way with things! They just cost me more and more money. Their phones don’t decline as fast as most manufacturers but it’s getting kinda close. iPhones hold onto value very well. I can’t see paying $1400 for a non 5g phone.


I’m so excited


I really want to get the Note 10 but this splitting of 4G/5G variants is very unwelcomed, as is the idea of a ‘+’ Note. Samsung has essentially released 8 flagship devices this year! The 4 S10s and the 4 Note10s. I’m thinking to just wait and see how they handle that many devices moving to Q. Before the end of NEXT year! Lol