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Samsung SmartThings now allows Matter developers test IoT products


Last updated: May 18th, 2022 at 15:54 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s SmartThings smart home platform is opening up for Matter developers. Samsung has announced a Partner Early Access Program through which a handful of IoT companies can now test their Matter-compatible devices on the SmartThings platform.

Matter is an upcoming standard for smart home IoT products that aims to enable seamless communication between different types and brands of devices.

Matter was first announced last year, and now, it’s being developed by dozens of companies, including Samsung. The Korean tech giant announced in October that Matter is coming to SmartThings, and it looks like the first Matter-based devices will be launching this fall.

Samsung now allows almost a dozen companies to test their upcoming Matter-compatible devices with the SmartThings platform. The list includes brands like Aeotec, Aqara, Eve Systems, Leedarson, Nanoleaf, Netatmo, Sengled, Wemo, WiZ, and Yale. (via The Verge).

These companies manufacture IoT devices such as smart light switches and lightbulbs, motion and contact sensors, smart door locks, and more.

Matter is backed by roughly 180 companies, which means that the SmartThings platform is about to gain compatibility with countless more IoT devices. Samsung’s Partner Early Access Program should help companies get their Matter-compatible devices ready for SmartThings in time for release this fall.

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