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Samsung highlights how to care for your Galaxy Fold in new video


Last updated: September 20th, 2019 at 15:15 UTC+01:00

With the launch of the “redesigned” Galaxy Fold comes a new YouTube video from Samsung. Unlike the company’s most other promotional videos that generally go live after a new product launch, the latest one focuses mainly on highlighting how customers should care for their newly-acquired Galaxy Folds.

Samsung’s first foldable device earned a bit of a bad reputation early on, and readers must know the entire backstory by now. The first sample units had a protective film covering the foldable panel, which gave most early reviewers the wrong impression that it can be removed. And removed it was, by a lot of reviewers who found out the hard way that the protective layer was, in fact, a vital component of the screen. In other cases, the fairly large gaps between the foldable screen’s edges and hinge mechanism allowed foreign objects to infiltrate the device and wreak havoc to the foldable panel from the inside.

Samsung not only changed key aspects of the device before its recent market release, but the company also included new warnings in the box. They inform users not to press too hard on the foldable display or else the panel could sustain damage. They also remind users that the Galaxy Fold is not water-resistant. And as if to hammer home the fact that the Galaxy Fold is an unconventional smartphone with unusual caveats and needs, the company launched the following video.

The video can be summarized in a few main points that must never be forgotten by Galaxy Fold users if they want their device to have a higher chance of standing the test of time:

  • Don’t ever remove the foldable screen’s built-in protective layer. It’s now been tucked under the bezels and can no longer be picked with a fingernail anyway.
  • Don’t put a protective film over the Galaxy Fold’s 7.3-inch panel. You might break it. This is not an exaggeration. There’s no glass panel protecting this display and you do not want to stick adhesives of any kind to the foldable surface.
  • Use light touches on the foldable screen, or rather, as stated by the fine print “do not apply excessive pressure to it.” Again, this is not a hard glass layer, and pressing too hard on the foldable screen or sticking your fingernail in it can damage it very easily.
  • The hinge mechanism is very complex, and even though Samsung took measures to minimize the risks of foreign objects getting inside the device, the Galaxy Fold is not dust or water-resistant. Keep it away from water and dust. This isn’t the kind of phone you’d want to take with you at the beach.
  • And finally, the Galaxy Fold is kept folded shut by several internal magnets. They are quite strong, so much so that Samsung asks users to be mindful about the objects they place next to the foldable phone. Most importantly, avoid placing magnetic credit cards next to the Galaxy Fold, as this can potentially render them useless.

Samsung concludes the video by stating that A smartphone as incredible as this deserves care like no other and this is the reason why the Galaxy Fold Premier Service is at your disposal, as a Galaxy Fold user. The service offers support over the phone 24/7, and Fold owners can schedule one-on-one support sessions with Samsung’s experts. Premier Service customers will also benefit from a discount on their first Fold display replacement, should they end up needing one.

At the end of the day, Samsung wants to avoid any unpleasant surprises and it’s commendable that the company doesn’t beat around the bush in regards to the Galaxy Fold’s unique and sensible nature. Of course, the video tries to give a bit of a positive spin to the idea that the Fold is a relatively fragile device, but it doesn’t do this to the point of becoming disingenuous.

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