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[APK] Samsung’s Galaxy Labs suite of apps lets you optimize your phone


Last updated: October 30th, 2019 at 09:15 UTC+01:00

Samsung has launched a new suite of device optimization apps for Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners called Galaxy Labs. Like Good Lock, which lets you customize various elements of the user interface, Galaxy Labs is a container of sorts that lets you access the actual apps that let you optimize your device from a single location. There are four apps: File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, and App Booster.

File Guardian is perhaps the most useful utility here, as it lets you restore files permanently deleted from your phone’s internal storage and external storage, just like file recovery apps on PCs let you recover deleted files on a hard disk. Being able to recover deleted files from the internal storage is especially useful, as file recovery from the internal storage on Android devices using a PC is impossible because internal storage is not mounted on Windows or Mac as a standard USB mass storage disk.

Battery Tracker, as the name suggests, lets you track your phone’s battery usage in a more detailed manner compared to what’s possible with the built-in battery menu on Android. You can track battery usage since the last full charge and also view battery usage for the last seven days. This is something Android 10 and One UI 2.0 will have out of the box, but Battery Tracker makes it possible to have similar battery tracking functionality on Android Pie.

Battery Guardian, however, doesn’t do anything new and only checks if you have existing optimization features like Auto optimization and Sleeping apps enabled. App Booster’s purpose, meanwhile, is quite vague. It says it optimizes all apps (including third-party and system apps) on the device to boost their performance and takes a long time to complete the optimization process, but what happens under the hood is unclear, which is why we’d recommend against using it.

How do I get Galaxy Labs and all its apps?

Galaxy Labs and its related apps are available on the Galaxy Store, but right now, they seem to be available only in the Netherlands. However, you can still install the apps on your device by downloading the APK files. You will first have to download and install Galaxy Labs and Galaxy Labs Agent, and then, you can install all four utilities or just the ones you like.

Below are the links to the APK files that you can get from our APK archive.

Download: Galaxy Labs | Galaxy Labs Agent | Battery Guardian | Battery Tracker | File Guardian | App Booster

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