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Samsung employees told to work from home due to coronavirus concerns


Last updated: March 16th, 2020 at 14:39 UTC+01:00

As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the globe, countries are implementing stringent measures in a bid to contain the virus. It has already caused significant disruption in global business and trade, with companies having to shut down offices and cancel public events.

It was impossible for a company with the kind of global footprint that Samsung has to not be affected by the outbreak. Following multiple confirmed coronavirus cases that led to the shut down of its smartphone factory in Gumi, South Korea, the company has now told employees to work from home “where possible.”

Samsung ramps up its response to the coronavirus pandemic

Samsung has escalated its response to the pandemic, sending a company-wide memo in which it “strongly advised” employees to work from home, reports Bloomberg News. The memo also details how Samsung is preventing the possibility of the virus being spread with minimal disruption to its business.

It has implemented mandatory health screening at the entrance to its facilities, limited international travel of employees to only “mission-critical journeys,” and has also established task forces across the globe which will follow and implement the latest advice from experts. Samsung has also sent care packages to some of its employees who are working from home or are in self-quarantine.

Samsung’s advice to work from home “where possible” applies to employees across its 52 global sales offices, 15 regional regional offices and several design, research and development centers. The company employees over 300,000 people across the globe. It won’t be possible for employees involved in its manufacturing operations to work from home, though, since they need to be physically present at the factories. The prevention steps that Samsung has highlighted in its memo will help address their concerns as the company doubles down on the disinfection of its facilities and mandatory health screenings.

Samsung Foundry, the company’s semiconductor manufacturing division, today announced that it’s postponing its annual foundry forum due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, Samsung is going ahead with its annual shareholders’ meeting despite concerns.

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