Move aside AirDrop, Samsung is bringing Quick Share to Windows 10

Galaxy fans and Windows 10 users who are always looking for ways to better-integrate their phones with their PCs are in for a big surprise, as Samsung and Microsoft are apparently getting ready to launch Quick Share for Windows 10.

Quick Share for mobile was released about a year ago when it debuted with the Galaxy S20 flagship series. It’s an excellent feature that mimics Apple’s AirDrop, and it allows for easy and direct file transfer between Galaxy devices over a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network.

Samsung and Microsoft are now working on making Quick Share available for Windows 10. This will allow Galaxy smartphone and tablet users to quickly share files between their mobile devices and Windows 10 PCs, though it’s not clear when the Windows 10 app might be planned for release.

This has been a long time coming for many Android smartphone users

Whenever it will be released, the app will likely be a game changer for many Galaxy smartphone users who aren’t happy with the rather limited ways in which their phones can communicate with their Windows computers. Your Phone and Link to Windows are a great step towards a closer integration between these two ecosystems, but it’s not nearly as convenient as sharing files through something like Apple’s AirDrop or Samsung’s Quick Share.

We’ll make sure to keep you up to speed as soon as we find out more about the availability of Quick Share for Windows 10, and hopefully the app will be released everywhere at once instead of being limited to a select few markets at first. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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