Latest Samsung Email update adds support for Android 12


Last updated: September 6th, 2021 at 14:40 UTC+02:00

Samsung is getting ready for the inevitable release of Android 12, and aside from preparing the One UI 4.0 beta program for the Galaxy S21 series, the company is also updating some of its live apps to include support for the upcoming firmware update. Samsung Email is one of those apps that the company is bringing in line with Android 12 before the first beta and public builds go live.

Samsung Email is now getting updated to version The changelog mentions support (updated logic) for Android 12 and a new security patch that addresses potential weaknesses. There are no other changes, but Samsung Email is likely to get a more noticeable makeover once Android 12 goes live.

Didn’t get the Samsung Email update yet? Just wait

Samsung Email is available for download from both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store, which is why version doesn’t have a concrete release date. Some of us got the update today after it popped up in the Galaxy Store in our regions, while others seem to have gotten it earlier, either through the Play Store or the Galaxy Store. You can check the store links to verify if the latest version of Samsung Email is available for you to download.

Alternatively, you can open the Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone, access the hamburger menu to the left, go to Updates, and see if a new version of Samsung Email is waiting for you. And if none of that works out, feel free to download the latest Samsung Email app from our APK archive and install it on your device manually.

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