Galaxy S22 camera will miss out on this image sensor

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is among the best smartphone cameras in the world right now, and Samsung is expected to improve it even further with the Galaxy S22 next year. However, the next-generation Galaxy S flagship might not include a 3D ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that was used in the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy S10 5G.

According to a new report from South Korean publication ETNews, Samsung has made up its mind not to include a 3D ToF sensor in the Galaxy S22 series. A 3D ToF sensor uses infrared light to create accurate three-dimensional depth maps of objects and helps the camera with focusing and portrait images in low-light conditions. It is also used in AR apps and games due to its accuracy.

An official from Samsung reportedly said that consumers are satisfied with the image quality of the Galaxy S21 even if it lacks a 3D depth sensor. Hence, the company has decided not to use it in the Galaxy S22 as well.

Samsung could bring back 3D ToF camera when there are enough meaningful AR apps and games

Samsung believes that 3D ToF sensors don’t serve a meaningful purpose in flagship smartphones right now. However, the company could bring back the feature when there are enough satisfactory AR apps, games, and experiences in the market. Despite Apple’s latest iPhones and iPads featuring a LiDAR sensor (similar to 3D ToF), its usage is said to be low among consumers right now.

Samsung LSI, the company’s camera sensor arm, recently showcased its newest 3D ToF sensor, the ISOCELL Vizion 33D. The 1/3.2-inch VGA sensor aims to provide best-in-class photography, AR/VR experiences, 3D scanning, and video bokeh effects. It features a 4-tap demodulation system, allowing each pixel to receive four-phase signals simultaneously at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

Coming back to the Galaxy S22, various reports claim that the phone will have a bigger camera sensor. The company could also tie up with Japanese camera brand Olympus to improve its camera quality. The Galaxy S22 is also expected to feature an Exynos processor with AMD Mobile Radeon graphics for improved gaming performance.

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