Galaxy Note 9 March 2020 security update may have broken the screen

According to a few user complaints posted on Samsung US community forums, the March 2020 security update released for the Galaxy Note 9 series may have broken the screen. It’s causing a lot of issues, ranging from screen discoloration (yellow screen tint) to decreased resolution and overheating.

Affected users have begun experiencing these issues after applying the March 2020 security patch to the Galaxy Note 9. They’ve reportedly attempted to fix the problems by clearing the cache, rebooting, and factory resetting the Galaxy Note 9, but none of these steps seem to have provided a permanent solution to the broken screen post-update.

Product experts on Samsung’s community forums haven’t been very helpful either, directing users to a Samsung service center to try and solve these problems. But given that physical service centers are shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, that’s not going to be an option. Some users rightly believe that this is a software issue since these problems cropped up after they’ve applied the March 2020 security patch, and hope that Samsung will provide a fix over the air.

It’s also unclear if these issues exist after the April 2020 security patch, which began rolling out to the Galaxy Note 9 last week. The changelog mentioned camera improvements but not much else.

Have you experienced any similar problems with your Galaxy Note 9 after the March 2020 security patch? Let us know in the comment section.

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