[Updated] Galaxy Note 10 game streaming app is out in the US and South Korea

Update: the PlayGalaxy Link Beta PC app got updated to version 1.0.3 today. The update improves stability in addition to pushing the beta program into more countries including Australia, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, and the UK.

Original story follows:

Samsung’s PlayGalaxy Link app just went live in the US and South Korea. PlayGalaxy Link was first unveiled along with the Galaxy Note 10 series and, as yet, the service is limited to Samsung’s latest flagships. It’s also in beta, for the time being, but availability will expand to more countries and other Galaxy smartphone models “soon.”

To be precise, the Windows 10 app can be downloaded and installed even if you reside outside of the US and South Korea, but you won’t get much functionality out of it without the smartphone application installed on your device. In our test, we could get the PC app running but it wouldn’t detect our games. Nevertheless, the app allows you to add your own game executable files manually. It’s a welcomed feature to what seems to be a relatively plain app, but again, other features were likely missing on our end because of our limited testing environment.

It’s worth reminding that Samsung’s PlayGalaxy Link application relies heavily on streaming technology from Parsec, who has its own Android streaming app. It’s already available on more than just the Galaxy Note 10 series, so there’s probably no better alternative to PlayGalaxy Link if the latter is not available in your region. It can stream games on both Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can check our original story on Parsec for more details.

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