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    Exclusive: Is this the first sign of a budget Samsung foldable phone?


    Last updated: August 20th, 2020 at 17:31 UTC+02:00

    Samsung is going to release its third foldable smartphone next month but none of the devices that it has released so far can be categorized as “budget.” The lowest you can pay for one of its foldable smartphones right now is $1,380. Then again, the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip does have high-end specs and the world's first ultra-thin glass display.

    Budget foldable smartphones are obviously the dream and at some point in the future, there might come a day when this dream becomes a reality. However, there are already some whispers about a potential budget foldable phone. If priced below $1,000, such a device would be relatively cheaper than the cheapest foldable right now which costs as much as a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

    Samsung's budget foldable could be a clamshell

    We are hearing that Samsung has a new device in the pipeline and it might be a foldable smartphone. It bears model number SM-F415. Those of you who keep an eye on Samsung model numbers would already know that the “F” is what Samsung has been using for its Galaxy Z series handsets. It has used the SM-F900, SM-F700 and SM-F916 model numbers for the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 respectively.

    Details are extremely limited at this time but we're told that it's going to be available with 64/128GB storage options and in black, green and blue colors. We can't throw our weight behind the source of this information just yet as even though all of this sounds plausible, the evidence is largely circumstantial at best.

    It's no secret that Samsung plans on releasing more foldable smartphones in the future and it wouldn't be surprising if a budget handset is on the cards as well. A budget clamshell foldable could be possible since it wouldn't need a big cover display as the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung could also go with mid-range specs to further trim the price. The foldable display and the hinge will be expensive components nonetheless as a compromise on durability will simply not fly.

    Bringing the price down will enable more customers to take a chance on foldable phones. There may be many potential customers for this device if it's priced between $600-700, for example. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We'll keep our ear to the ground for this device, hopefully it's going to end up seeing the light of day.