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Update: We can exclusively confirm that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold 2 as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 instead.

Samsung is expected to release a direct sequel to the Galaxy Fold before the end of the year. There’s no official info on the matter, but for now, we’ll refer to this upcoming foldable by the tentative name ‘Galaxy Fold 2’ or the SM-F91x model number.

The original Galaxy Fold was a show of force. It demonstrated that Samsung pushed foldable display technology to the point where it can be implemented on a consumer device, but it was sold in limited quantities, and it wasn’t without faults. The Galaxy Fold 2, on the other hand, is expected to rectify a lot of the original’s issues and shortcomings, from durability to price.

Galaxy Fold 2 Design

Countless unofficial, and perhaps somewhat wishful, fan renders of the Galaxy Fold 2 paint the device in a very positive light. Samsung is keeping quiet about this device, but everyone expects the sequel to improve in several areas. What they don’t want or expect is for the form factor to change.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will most likely retain the book-like design of the original. It should continue to offer the functionality of a smartphone while doubling as a tablet. Exactly how Samsung will improve the design is unknown, but the company will most definitely want to avoid making the same mistakes twice.

Update: First full press renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 have now leaked online.

Galaxy Fold 2 Displays

Since it will have a similar design, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be equipped with two displays. Like the predecessor, it will feature a cover display and a foldable panel on the inside. The cover display is expected to become larger, and that’s something that would certainly help its case in regards to smartphone functionality.

Likewise, the foldable panel is likely to increase in size from 7.3-inch to 7.7-inch. The size of the original Fold’s interior panel was never a real issue, but the slight bump in diagonal could indicate that Samsung will make the sequel’s bezels thinner.

Additionally, the foldable Infinity Flex Display could feature a cutout for the camera, meaning that it would abandon the somewhat off-putting notch. The interior display should also be more resilient, and should at least equal the Galaxy Z Flip’s panel in terms of feel and reliability. Rumors claim that Samsung will combine PI with UTG to create an even better foldable panel. More so, other reports suggest that Samsung Electronics wants to cut its dependency on Samsung Display for foldable panels in a bid to increase performance while lowering the price.

Galaxy Fold 2 Specs

One of the biggest expectations from the Galaxy Fold 2 is the inclusion of an S Pen. However, this most likely won’t happen until Samsung manages to create a foldable display that’s hard enough to withstand the pressure from a pointed object like a stylus.

As for other specifications, the Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to have hardware similar to the Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra, with a similar SoC and RAM configuration, as well as 5G support, although a 4G variant (SM-F910) is also possible.

Unlike the original model, the Galaxy Fold 2 should be released with more storage options, including 512GB and 256GB model, the latter of which is meant to lower the entry barrier further.

Galaxy Fold 2 Camera

Once again, the Galaxy Fold 2 could borrow some of its sensors from the Galaxy S20 series, but whether or not it will have a similar camera bump is unclear. It could boast Space Zoom, much like the Galaxy S20 lineup, and it may become Samsung’s first smartphone to boast under-display camera technology.

Furthermore, because the foldable screen is expected to follow the Infinity-O design language, we can assume that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have one less sensor, at least on the inside. It remains to be seen if the cover display camera setup will be updated to include two sensors like the Galaxy Z Flip’s cover camera.

Galaxy Fold 2 Software

It’s safe to assume that the Galaxy Fold 2 will ship with Android 10 out of the box. The version of One UI could be 2.5. Samsung is reportedly working on this newer One UI version for the Galaxy Note 20 series, so there is a reason to expect the Galaxy Fold 2 to carry the same proprietary software.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Fold did deliver a unique UX compared to other Samsung smartphones, such as Multi-Active Window and App Continuity. Both of these elements should remain the core of what the Galaxy Fold 2 experience represents, but time will tell how Samsung will improve upon these concepts.

What we do hope is for Samsung to consider supporting the Galaxy Fold 2 better than it did the original model. Android 10 landed on the Fold much later than you’d expect from a device that costs a whopping 2,100 EUR. In fact, some Galaxy Fold enthusiasts might skip the sequel particularly because the original model did so poorly on the firmware update front. We’re hoping that Samsung will not repeat the same mistake with the Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy Fold 2 Price and Availability

The Galaxy Fold 2 should be unveiled in August if rumors are accurate, but time will tell how the device will be introduced to the public, seeing how numerous events have been postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps the phone won’t be showcased in front of a large crowd, but an announcement around August should still happen, assuming that Samsung won’t shelve the device as a way to cut back on its spendings amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Galaxy Fold 2’s price, on the other hand, is very likely to drop. We probably won’t see a huge price reduction, but with a 256GB model in the making and the possibility to lower the cost of foldable display manufacturing, Samsung is likely to offer the Galaxy Fold 2 for a lower price compared to the original model.

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