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    What is the Samsung Infinity Flex Display?


    There were rumors about Samsung's foldable display for the better part of a decade. The company had been working on this technology for years. It was rumored to have shown off the foldable panels to industry partners multiple times behind closed doors at major trade shows like CES. It wasn't until 2018 that the public got a glimpse of it.

    Infinity Flex is what Samsung decided to call its foldable display technology. The world got its first glimpse at the panel in November 2018 at the annual Samsung Developers Conference. Samsung showed off an engineering prototype of the Galaxy Fold at the event just so the world could see its foldable display in action.

    The approach that Samsung took when developing this technology was simple, it wanted to create a new category of display which would completely change the way we interact with smartphones. That's exactly with the Infinity Flex display does.

    The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's first smartphone with an Infinity Flex display. Unfold the device and you're greeted by a massive 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display, allowing the device to function both as a smartphone and tablet. The panel itself isn't glass, it's made of a flexible material and topped with a polyimide film.

    Samsung took it one step further with the Galaxy Z Flip. The company's second foldable smartphone featured the world's first foldable glass display. The Galaxy Z Flip's 6.4-inch Infinity Flex display has Ultra-Thin Glass which is more durable than the bonded layers of unique material that Samsung used for the Galaxy Fold. What's incredible is that both of these panels feature Dynamic AMOLED technology, thus offering an exceptional viewing experience with enhanced HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping.

    List of Samsung smartphones with Infinity Flex display

    Released in 2019, the Galaxy Fold was Samsung's first smartphone to feature an Infinity Flex display. The Galaxy Z Flip was the second and it was released in 2020. The latest device to feature the Infinity Flex display is the Galaxy Z Fold 2.