Check out the evolution of the Galaxy Note series in this infographic

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series holds a special place in modern smartphone history. Its impact on the industry is almost as massive as that of the iPhone in some ways. When the Korean company launched the first-generation Galaxy Note in October 2011, it created a new category of smartphones called Phablets – a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet. Though a couple of other companies toyed with the idea of large-screen phones before, it was the original Galaxy Note that made the idea mainstream and a commercial success, despite unfavorable reviews from tech journalists.

The impact of the Note lineup on the industry can be gauged from the fact that large-screen phones have become so common that the word phablet has lost its relevance. Even the mighty Apple, which once mocked Samsung over ergonomics of its devices, eventually released phones with larger displays to cater to the growing demand.

Since the launch of the original Galaxy Note, Samsung has been releasing a successor every year, with the latest iteration scheduled to launch next month. As the company gears up for the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10, folks at GadgetDeck have created a neat infographic detailing the evolution of the lineup so far. Not only does the graphic show how Samsung improved the original idea every year, but it also depicts the rapid growth of smartphone technology in the last decade.

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