Evidence hints at Galaxy Buds Sound being Samsung’s next earbuds

It hasn’t been that long since Samsung released the Galaxy Buds Live but the mobile industry rarely sleeps and the company is already thinking of a sequel. The next earbuds are likely in the early pre-production stages so you should not worry about your recent investment in the Galaxy Buds Live, but Samsung is considering a name for the sequel. According to a recent trademark application filed by Samsung with the UK Intellectual Property Office, the company’s next earbuds could be called the Samsung [Galaxy] Buds Sound.

The trademark application is just that – an application with IPO to secure the Samsung Buds Sound moniker – therefore it doesn’t reveal anything about the product itself. The application is categorized under Class 9 of goods which covers anything from VR headsets and TVs to printers and wireless headphones. In theory, this means that the Buds Sound moniker could be used by Samsung for virtually any product it might come up with in the future. Realistically, the Buds brand is associated solely with the company’s wireless earbuds lineup so logic dictates that the Galaxy Buds Sound name is also linked with a new pair of earbuds.

At the end of the day, there’s no guarantee that Samsung’s next earbuds following the Galaxy Buds Live will be released under the Buds Sound name. Trademark applications are hit and miss and although some of them become real products, others do not. For example, Samsung filed for a Buds trademark back in 2018, half a year before it released the original Galaxy Buds, but on the other hand the company also filed a trademark for Bean and it turned out to be the codename for the Galaxy Buds Live.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out more but either way, the so-called Galaxy Buds Sound are many months away from their potential debut. There’s plenty of time left to uncover their secrets so stay tuned.

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