Want to buy the Galaxy Fold from T-Mobile? You’re out of luck

Samsung finally confirmed earlier today that it’s going to release the Galaxy Fold in September. If you wanted to buy the Galaxy Fold on T-Mobile, you may have to look elsewhere. The third largest carrier in the United States has said that it’s not going to carry Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

The second coming of the Galaxy Fold has been slated for September. Samsung delayed the April 26 launch after issues were discovered with review units. The company has made some changes to improve the device’s durability.

You can’t buy Galaxy Fold from T-Mobile

Samsung itself hasn’t provided a confirmed release date for the Galaxy Fold. One would assume that all of the carrier and retail partners that were on board with the initial launch would carry the device in September. T-Mobile had intended to release the device on April 26 before Samsung delayed it. It was actually one of two US carriers who had committed to sell the device.

You can count T-Mobile out. A spokesperson for the carrier has told The Verge categorically that “T-Mobile will not carry the Galaxy Fold because we already offer customers a wide range of the latest smartphones. Please reach out to Samsung for any further inquiries.”

It appears that T-Mobile may not be that confident in the changes that Samsung has made. The company has made some key changes to address the issues which caused the delay. It has also been rigorously testing the device to ensure that it’s fit for public release. T-Mobile doesn’t seem to be convinced, though.

AT&T, the only other US carrier to sell the phone, is yet to reconfirm that it will sell the device. That’s not to say that the unlocked version of the Galaxy Fold won’t be able to work on these carriers.

We’ll probably have more clarity on the carrier support in the coming weeks. Samsung did say that availability will be limited in select markets initially come September. More precise availability details are going to be provided closer to launch.

  • Model: SM-F900F
  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 160.9 x 117.9 x 6.9 mm Folded: 160.9 x 62.9 x 15.5 mm
  • Display: 7,3" (185.4mm) Super AMOLED
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Camera: 16 MP, CMOS F2.2 & 12MP, CMOS F1.5/F2.4Wide & 12MP, CMOS F2.4 Telephoto


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Verizon will sell it ?


Maybe Samsung won’t release it in the US, so T-Mobile pre-empted the decision. It’s possible they might release it only in a few smaller markets to test the device and how much interest is in it. Possibly S. Korea and some smaller wealthy nations.


It’ll work on Tmobile. Frankly, I had never planned on buying from Tmobile anyway. Their deals aren’t as good as Samsung’s.


It’ll don’t work on Tmobile.