‘Regular’ Galaxy S11’s battery capacity confirmed, and it’s pretty big

After we saw the batteries of the Galaxy S11e and the Galaxy S11+ pop up in certification imagery, the regular model’s power cell has been pictured as well. The battery has a typical capacity of 4,500 mAh.

Regular Galaxy S11’s battery capacity higher than Galaxy Note 10+

The first hint that Samsung might bring significant battery upgrades to the Galaxy S11 line up emerged about a month ago when the base model was revealed to have quite a beefy 3,800 to 3,900 mAh capacity. And just last week, the Galaxy S11+ was confirmed to pack a whopping 5,000 mAh battery.

Now, the capacity of the remaining model in the series, the regular Galaxy S11, can be pinned down as well, thanks to the certification found in the SafetyKorea database. As it turns out, earlier rumors about a 4,300 mAH power cell were too pessimistic, as the actual battery (EB-BG985ABY) has a typical capacity of 4,500 mAh.

regular samsung galaxy s11 battery eb-bg985aby

The image of the battery itself is of the blurry type, but we can just about make out the typical capacity of 17.37 Wh, which at Samsung’s current 3.86 V works out to exactly 4,500 mAh. The rated capacity will sit somewhere between 4,300 and 4,400 mAh. The battery itself is manufactured by ITM Semiconductor in Vietnam, though a variant produced by Samsung SDI might surface at a later point.

Now, we can finally list the battery capacities of the entire Galaxy S11 lineup:

  • Galaxy S11e: 3,800-3,900 mAh (EB-BG980ABY)
  • Galaxy S11: 4,500 mAh (EB-BG985ABY)
  • Galaxy S11+: 5,000 mAh (EB-BG988ABY)

So far, no separate batteries for the 5G models have been spotted, except of course for the Galaxy S11+ which will only be available with 5G connectivity based on what we’ve seen so far. We, therefore, expect the battery detailed today to power both the 4G and 5G variants of the regular Galaxy S11.

samsung eb-bg985aby certificate


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The reason for bigger batteries could be 90 hz panels and power hungry camerachip with +100 megapixel resolution. This will demand a bigger battery


This report is misleading…4g and 5g variants???

SD 865 does not have integrated 4g/3g modems and its can only be paired with a X55 5G modem…

Exynos 990 also does not have an integrated 4g/3g modem and can only be paired with E5123 5g modem…

All S11 variants will come with either SD865 or Exynos 990…

I expect you guys to know these things and do your research before writing these articles…but still you report 4g and 5g variants!!!


Agree – they will remove the 4G variants this time – makes sense in terms of economies of scale / MOQs – and is why we are seeing the battery boosts across the board (well along with optional high refresh rates)

Abhijeet M.
Abhijeet M.

That’s because currently different models are in development. We are also confused why that is since 5G is going to be standard with these chips, but who knows? More will be revealed once we move closer. Its all leaks and rumors for now.