Amazon India teases new Galaxy On smartphone, possibly a Galaxy J7 Pro variant

Amazon India has started teasing the launch of a new smartphone in Samsung’s Galaxy On lineup of handsets that the company sells solely through online retailers. Galaxy On smartphones have always been rebadged Galaxy J series phones, and judging from the teasers about “new ways to shop” and “superior performance” on Amazon’s landing page, the new device could be a renamed Galaxy J7 Pro.

New Galaxy On smartphone likely to be renamed Galaxy J7 Pro

The Galaxy J7 Pro is the only handset in Samsung’s budget lineup with support for the complete version of Samsung Pay, so the new Galaxy On being teased isn’t likely to be the Galaxy J7+ as some are speculating. There’s no clear hint about a dual camera setup, either, which is the highlight feature of the J7+. Furthermore, it simply makes more sense to rename an existing device and make it a part of the Galaxy On series instead of launching a new phone, especially one that hasn’t been released for offline sale in the country.

Amazon India isn’t telling us when the device will be launched, only saying that it is “coming soon.” As with previous Galaxy On phones, this one should be slightly cheaper than its regular Galaxy J counterpart, possibly with an upgrade in the RAM or storage departments. We’ll know more when the device goes official; you can sign up to be notified once that happens by visiting the source link.

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It seems like the name of the device is going to be – “Samsung Game On”. When you hit the “Notify Me” in-image button and subscribe for it in Amazon, then the subscription list shows that name.