5G Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery raises questions


Last updated: May 15th, 2019 at 10:43 UTC+02:00

Straight from a South Korean testing agency comes an image of the battery of what we believe to be a 5G variant of the ‘regular-sized’ Galaxy Note 10. However, the battery’s model code does raise a few questions.

Galaxy Note 10 5G battery capacity

Straight from the testing labs of the KTR (Korea Testing and Research Institute) comes a photo of a battery with product number EB-BN972ABU. The battery has a typical capacity of 4300mAh and a rated capacity of 4170mAh. The product number confirms this battery belongs to a device in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 product range. Normally, a battery with this code would belong to a phone with model number SM-N972. And this is where the questions pop up.

As we previously revealed, Samsung is developing four Galaxy Note 10 versions. The regular-sized 6.3-inch Note 10 is expected to carry model number SM-N970, while its 5G variant comes as the SM-N971. Then there is the larger, 6.7-inch version, tentatively dubbed the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. This one will carry model number SM-N975, with the SM-N976 being its 5G-ready brother. So far, no SM-N972 had been spotted on the radar.

samsung galaxy note 10 5g sm-n972 eb-bn972abu battery

We can confirm, however, the EB-BN972ABU is not the battery for the SM-N970. So either it is the battery for the SM-N971, or it is the battery for a yet-to-be-revealed additional Galaxy Note 10 variant. Assuming the first scenario is not unheard of in Samsung’s Galaxy, we will, for now, stick to the assumption we are looking at a 5G variant of the regular-sized Note 10.

Still, the official launch of the Galaxy Note 10 line-up is several months away. In this period, more information will surely surface, clarifying any of the questions raised by today’s appearance.

eb-bn972abu certification info

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