Samsung introduces a 43-inch ‘vertical’ TV for millennials

Samsung’s TV division has been quite innovative and experimental in recent times. From the modular Wall TV to the artsy Frame TV, the company has been pumping out new designs and form factors to stay ahead of the competition in the premium TV market. Continuing its creative streak, it has now introduced a “vertical” TV for smartphone-addicted millennials in its home market.

Named “The Sero,” which literally means vertical in Korean, it’s a 43-inch QLED TV with 60-watt 4.1 channel speakers and all the standard Samsung Smart TV features like Bixby and screen mirroring. The company says the vertical design is suitable for displaying content from smartphones, which may be true but doesn’t sound like a big enough reason to warrant a new design.

Can be used in portrait and landscape orientation

Thankfully, the Sero TV can be turned horizontally to be used as a normal TV. This versatility should make it more appealing to prospective buyers as none of the mainstream TV content is made for vertical screens. Essentially, this is a TV that can be used both vertically and horizontally, so customers are not losing anything by buying this new design.

The Sero will be available in South Korea by the end of next month. It is priced at 189,000 won. Samsung has not announced if and when this will be available outside its home country. Along with the vertical TV, Samsung also introduced The Serif and Frame TVs in more sizes to target a wider customer base.

“Samsung will continue introducing screens that respect personal consumer tastes. We will think outside the box to bring different types of screens and different user experiences,” said Han Jong-hee, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung.

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