Galaxy S10 teardown reveals a massive heat pipe, and some more interesting stuff


Last updated: March 6th, 2019 at 16:14 UTC+02:00

Popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything has performed a teardown of the Galaxy S10, revealing some interesting aspects of the latest Samsung flagship. Opening the device seemed to be a real pain, even for a veteran like Zack Nelson. However, his expertise means he could pry off the glass back without any incident. And surprisingly, the back panel has nothing attached to it.

The rest of the setup looked ordinary until Zack tried removing the motherboard. With the Galaxy S10, Samsung has decided to permanently solder the USB-C port to the motherboard itself. This makes repairing that tiny but critical piece practically impossible, and that’s disappointing. You’d have to literally buy a replacement motherboard to fix a faulty USB-C port, or even a faulty bottom microphone.

Galaxy S10 features a massive heat pipe

Following those disappointing few minutes, we move to the next segment where Zack shows us the teardown of the triple rear camera setup of the Galaxy S10. However, it’s the heat pipe beneath the motherboard that catches more attention. The copper heat pipe in the Galaxy S10 is quite wide and is significantly thicker than the one seen in the Galaxy S9. It has copper strands inside, which help the cooling liquid wick from one end of the pipe to the other to transfer heat.

Going deeper, Zack separates the Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O display from the main frame, only to find a permanently glued ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on it. The scanner cannot be separated from the display. It could be termed another repairability nightmare, though an in-display fingerprint scanner would probably be the last thing you’d ever need to repair on a smartphone.

We’ve already seen a Galaxy S10 durability test from JerryRigEverything, which revealed that minor scratches don’t make a difference to the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. However, with deeper grooves, the sensor fails to work. And remember, replacing the screen will also require you to pay for the attached in-display fingerprint scanner. So make sure to protect your Galaxy S10 screen well.

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