Galaxy S9 clear back mod puts the phone’s internals on full display

If you want to make your new Samsung flagship stand out, maybe take a look at this Galaxy S9 clear back mod which is going to put the phone’s internals on full display. What you’ll essentially be doing is feeling off the paint from the back cover thus exposing the inner components. Bear in mind, though, that this is going to void your warranty.

Galaxy S9 clear back mod

This Galaxy S9 clear back mod has been demonstrated by YouTuber JerryRigEverything who did the same for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 last year. His video will walk you through the steps that you need to take in order to make this happen.

The process involves heating up the device to loosen the adhesive that keeps the back glass in place followed by lots of poking and prodding to get the adhesive out of place so that the back glass can be lifted. Some of you will already have figured out by now that this process will damage the device’s waterproofing for good.

The next step involves removing black plastics that cover up the phone’s internals. Some non-essential bits and pieces are cut up and discarded. While the wireless charging pad could be removed on the Galaxy S8 to expose more of the internals, it can’t be removed on the Galaxy S9 since there’s a battery temperature sensor attached to it. If the pad is removed, the device won’t be able to charge even when plugged in and that would render it useless.

The penultimate step in this Galaxy S9 clear back mod then involves stripping the paint from the back glass and removing the laminate layer. However, with the laminate layer out of the way, the glass wouldn’t be held in place if the phone was dropped. It would fly everywhere. All that’s left to do next to finish this Galaxy S9 clear back mod is to use some double-sided tape to attach the back panel.

It’s easier said than done particularly if you have no experience tinkering with smartphone hardware. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be voiding the warranty and damaging its waterproofing. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to watch it all happen, so do check out his video below.


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There goes any warranty.

Steve Holt
Steve Holt

This should have been a PSA to NOT do this; the rear case (the black plastic over the board) has radio functionality and should never be done aside from voiding your warranty– I say this from experience and have done it. It will 100% affect your signal (I can have 4-5 bars in my basement on another phone and where I would get the same before and have zero-2 bars at best) so be warned. Obviously you can fix it by simply re-attaching the pieces, but never cut the bottom piece like this hack.

Steve Holt
Steve Holt

Additionally, the S8 had the very same temp sensor and will pop-up with an error saying battery temp too low. You really need to edit this so your readership never views this as a good idea, and your incorrect assumption there is no functionality to the rear case is dangerous and irresponsible. Acting as a source of credible Samsung information requires a higher level of journalistic integrity