Samsung’s doubling down on Bixby Voice at MWC 2019

Samsung has spared no expense to make sure Barcelona is aware that Bixby Voice can now understand Spanish, dotting several Hola Bixby Experience Stores around the capital, where MWC 2019 is currently underway — with the most notable situated opposite Apple’s flagship Passeig de Gràcia location, which has been closed for the last month for refurbishment.

The so-called Hola Bixby Experience Stores are decked out with Samsung’s latest devices, ranging from smart home accessories to smartphones, in a unique configuration that demonstrates how Bixby can be used at home, on the move and in the office. Customers also have the option to trial the tech for themselves, interacting with the assistant in their native language.

Samsung launched Bixby Voice for five new languages last week, including English (UK), French, German, Italian and of course Spanish. There’s one caveat, though: in order to use the feature, you’ll need to be using a Galaxy device that’s running Android 9 Pie. You’ll also need to have version of Bixby installed, which can be done by following these steps.

If you’ve been keeping up with our MWC 2019 coverage, you’d know that the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 are the stars of the show — the latter of which was available for manhandling at the Hola Bixby Experience Store I attended opposite Apple’s Passeig de Gràcia Store. Those wanting to see the Galaxy Fold in the flesh will, however, need to head over to the Fira de Barcelona.


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I’m glad they’re keeping up the effort with Bixby. I absolutely love it, plus it’s working with our household appliances like the TV, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and air conditioners. I hope that they keep improving it. I’ve been using UK English for a couple of months now already and it wasn’t noted as being a Beta version. Just curious what they mean by saying it is only released now, and I’m on The version you mentioned there is an older one.


Is it only Spanish Spanish (ES), or does it now understand Mexican Spanish (MX), American Spanish (US), Colombian Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Caribbean Spanish, and Argentinian Spanish, too?


I imagine it’s likely just ES Spanish for now. I travelled around South America and I understand what you mean. I studied Spanish before going and I had difficulty understanding the Spanish spoken in Venezuela, after a while I was ok. Possibly it could be a universal Spanish and the AI will learn from the user??