Exclusive: ‘Note 10’ to come with four cameras at the back


Last updated: February 25th, 2019 at 18:41 UTC+02:00

Forget about the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Fold for a moment. We have a bit of information about what might be Samsung’s second flagship smartphone of the year. Yes, there will be a successor to the Galaxy Note 9 this year, and we have some information about it.

The emphasis on “Note 10” is because it’s as yet unconfirmed if this will be the moniker that Samsung opts for the device. Amid rumors that it may rebrand the lineup, there’s no saying right now what the company might call its flagship phablet.

Samsung’s ‘Note 10’ could feature a quad camera system

The new device that Samsung has in the pipeline bears model number SM-N975F. We hear that it’s going to have four cameras at the back. This would make it Samsung’s second flagship of the year with a quad camera system. The first is obviously the Galaxy S10 5G.

There are quite a few questions that remain unanswered as yet. You may be wondering why the model number ends in “5” instead of “0” like most Note handsets. It’s possible that this might be the 5G variant of the next Galaxy Note. There’s a good possibility that a 4G LTE variant will be offered as well since 5G networks won’t be commonplace even by the end of this year.

Whether or not the quad camera system will be the same as it is on the Galaxy S10 5G remains to be seen as well. Samsung may obviously make other improvements which could include a larger display. The Infinity-O panel would allow for an increased screen-to-body-ratio and enable Samsung to opt for a larger display panel.

It’s all very exciting at this point in time but do keep in mind that it’s still early days. Things can change down the line so stick with us as we dig deeper to uncover more about Samsung’s next Galaxy Note.

Phone Galaxy Note 10SM-N975F
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