Samsung plans big on 8K QLED TVs to stay ahead in premium TV market

Samsung showcased its first 8K QLED TV at CES 2018 in January last year. The ultra-high-resolution offering went on sale in select markets during the second half of the year. The company significantly expanded its 8K lineup by launching many 8K TVs at this year’s CES. One of the company’s top executives has now revealed the roadmap for the company’s 8K TVs at a recent press interaction in Korea.

Speaking to a group of reporters at the company’s headquarters, Han Jong-hee, Head of Samsung’s Visual Display Business, stated that the company is going to bring its 8K QLED TVs to 60 countries by March 2019. The lineup will consist of 55, 65, 75, 82, 85, and 98-inch screen options to target various price points and cater to a diverse set of customers. Han said Samsung will account for half of the total 8K TV sales this year and plans to sell 5 million units by 2022.

‘Display should come first followed by content’

“Display should come first followed by content. The opposite case never happens. The 8K QLED TV presents the best image quality for any content. We are confident in its quality”, said Han, addressing questions about lack of 8K content, according to Yonhap News Agency. Han also believes the commercial launch of 5G networks will lead to more high-quality content and demand for high-resolution screens. So far, the company has been marketing its AI-powered upscaling technology as an immediate and reliable solution to the content problem.

With LG’s OLED TVs gaining traction in the lucrative premium TV market, Samsung has been working on multiple strategies to counter the threat from its Korean rival. While Samsung is betting on its 8K QLED offerings to strengthen its position in the current scenario, it is hoping that its more advanced MicroLED display technology will help the company stay ahead of its OLED rivals in the premium segment in the long run.

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