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    Samsung adds foldable phones, TVs, soundbars, and more to Self-Repair Program


    Last updated: January 24th, 2024 at 12:32 UTC+01:00

    Samsung has been trying to make its products and processes more friendly to the environment. A couple of years ago, the company launched its Self-Repair Program, which lets consumers repair devices on their own. Only some products, such as the company's Galaxy S smartphones, were compatible with the Self-Repair Program. Now, the company is adding a lot more products, including foldable phones, monitors, laptops, projectors, tablets, and TVs.

    Samsung says it wants consumers to use their devices for a longer period. That reduces e-waste and a burden on the environment. The company has also started using post-consumer, pre-consumer, and recycled materials to manufacture newer devices.

    Samsung adds nearly 50 products to its Self-Repair Program, including Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5

    The South Korean firm has given a significant boost to its Self-Repair Program by adding support for several smartphones, foldable smartphones, and tablets. The company has expanded its partnership with Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, a leading provider of replacement parts for home appliances and similar products. Nearly 50 Samsung products are now compatible with the Self-Repair Program. Those include the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Z Fold 5. The FE models in the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S21 series are not compatible with the Self-Repair Program yet.

    The Galaxy Tab S7+ and the entire Galaxy Tab S9 series (including the FE models) have been brought under the Self-Repair Program. The Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book 2 Pro series are also a part of the list. Some Samsung TVs from its 2023 lineup, including The Frame – Disney100 Edition, The Terrace Full Sun model, 77-inch S90C OLED TV, and the 98-inch QN990C Neo QLED 8K TV, can also be repaired by users.

    The first projector from Samsung that can be self-repaired by users is the Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub. Several gaming and productivity monitors, including the Odyssey G5, Smart Monitor M7, Smart Monitor M8, ViewFinity S7, and the ViewFinity S9, are included in the Self-Repair Program. Soundbars can be repaired at home, too, and compatible models include the HW-A445, HW-S80CB, and the HW-S68CB. The first party speaker from Samsung to be included in the Self-Repair Program is the Sound Tower 210W MX-ST5CB. The complete list of compatible products is listed below.

    Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360


    • Galaxy Book Pro 15-inch
    • Galaxy Book Pro 360 15-inch
    • Galaxy Book 2 Pro 15-inch
    • Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 15-inch
    • Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 5G 13.3-inch

    Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor Pivot


    • ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor (27-inch)
    • ViewFinity S6 (S65UC) (34-inch)
    • ViewFinity S6 (S65VC) (34-inch)
    • Odyssey Neo G9 Mini-LED Curved Gaming Monitor (57-inch)
    • Smart Monitor M80C 4K UHD Green/Pink/White (27-inch)
    • Smart Monitor M70C 4K UHD 27-inch White (27-inch)
    • Odyssey G55C Gaming QHD LED Monitor (27-inch)

    Samsung The Freestyle Helinox Edition Projector


    • The Freestyle Gen 2 With Gaming Hub


    • Galaxy S21
    • Galaxy S21+
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra
    • Galaxy S22
    • Galaxy S22+
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra
    • Galaxy S23
    • Galaxy S23+
    • Galaxy S23 Ultra
    • Galaxy S23 FE
    • Galaxy Z Flip 5
    • Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Samsung S90C QN83S90C OLED TV


    • S90C OLED TV (77-inch)
    • Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN990C TV (98-inch)
    • The Frame – Disney100 Edition (55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch)
    • The Terrace Full Sun Samsung Neo QLED 4K LST9C (85-inch)

    Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

    Soundbar & Sound Towers

    • HW-A445 2.1-Channel Soundbar With Dolby & DTS Audio
    • HW-S80CB 3.1.2-Channel Ultra-Slim Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar + Bezel w/ Q-Symphony
    • HW-S68CB 5.1-Channel Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar w/ Q-Symphony
    • MX-ST5CB Sound Tower 210W Bi-Directional High Power Audio w/ Built-In Battery

    For all its products, Samsung offers repairs through a-home, mail-in, and walk-in repair services. All these services use Samsung-certified professionals covering products in-warranty and out-of-warranty using genuine Samsung parts.

    Samsung claims that it offers care coverage to over 99.99% of consumers in the US. Consumers get locations for after-sales service and repair locations within a 4-hour radius of their location, thanks to the Samsung Beyond Boundaries program. If a repair location isn't available within a 4-hour radius, they can opt for a technician to visit their place under the Samsung Traveling Techs program.

    Mark Williams, Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America, said, “We know that consumers want reliable and convenient repair options to keep their devices up and running. This expansion is one more way Samsung is showing its continued commitment to provide our customers with choice. For those who want to take repair into their own hands, we’re supplying them with more options for a wider array of products to extend the life of the products they love.

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