Samsung’s latest 8K TV series includes a gigantic 98-inch model

8K TVs are all the rage at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas and Samsung isn’t going to sit by and let its rivals hog the spotlight. The company unveiled its new 8K QLED TV series today which will be available in different sizes, including a gigantic 98-inch option.

At 98-inches, this is the largest QLED TV yet from Samsung. The 8K series will also be available in 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch and 85-inch models.

Samsung’s latest 8K TV series

The entire lineup features an embedded Quantum Processor 8K chip which can upscale content from any source to “near pristine 8K quality,” according to the company. This is something that the TV will need to rely on for a couple of years because it’s going to be a while before native 8K content becomes the norm.

There’s an improved version of Bixby on this series which provides even more options to control content with just voice commands. An improved Universal Guide relies on artificial intelligence to help users find content to watch. It pulls in recommendations from a user’s subscription services, TV viewing habits and favorite content.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the pricing and availability information for the new Q900 QLED series but you can bet that it’s going to be expensive, particularly the 98-inch model.

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I guess this 98″ Samsung TV is “mobile” while it’s being shipped out to lucky buyers, though it only becomes useful when it’s in its immobile state. Is there any way to keep this site on point — i.e. only about Samsung mobile devices?