Exclusive: 5G Galaxy Fold will be available in Korea, colors revealed

There has been much talk recently about Samsung’s foldable smartphone. Some believe that it will be launched as the Galaxy Fold. Whatever Samsung ends up calling the device, we can reveal that there will be a 5G Galaxy Fold on offer as well.

Samsung has previously said that the foldable smartphone will be released globally. It may manufacture up to a million units of the handset. 5G networks won’t be live in most of those markets but South Korea is the exception.

Samsung will offer the 5G Galaxy Fold in South Korea

We have come to know that Samsung will offer the 5G Galaxy Fold (SM-F907N) in South Korea. Carriers there have already completed deployment and are waiting on manufacturers to release compatible smartphones. Samsung will most likely be the first with the 5G Galaxy S10. It has already started working on this variant’s firmware for South Korea.

The United States is also one of the few markets where 5G networks will be going live in the coming months. Samsung has previously said that the foldable smartphone will be widely released. It would thus likely be released in the United States as well. However, there’s nothing to suggest as yet about the 5G Galaxy Fold making its way Stateside.

The foldable smartphone is already expected to be quite expensive. One can only imagine what the addition of 5G will do to the price tag. South Korea is one of those markets where carrier subsidies play a major role. That, and the fact that it’s Samsung’s home base might be the reason to launch the 5G foldable phone there.

We can also reveal the color options for both the 5G and 4G (SM-F900x) variants of the foldable device. Samsung is going to offer the device in Blue, Green, Silver and Black colors. The marketing terms for these options may differ and there may also be additional color options.

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed when it will fully unveil the foldable smartphone. However, recent hints from the company strongly suggest that we may get to see it on February 20 alongside the Galaxy S10.

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