Ceramic Galaxy S10+ will have a ‘metallic luster,’ higher scratch resistance

We exclusively reported two months ago that Samsung will offer a Galaxy S10 model with a ceramic back. Additional details have now surfaced from China. It’s said that the ceramic back will be present on the Galaxy S10+ with the 12GB RAM and 1TB storage configuration.

As per our information, the SM-G975FC model might be the one that ships with the ceramic back in both black and white colors. It doesn’t seem like the ceramic back will be offered on the 5G variant which is likely called the Galaxy S10 X.

Ceramic Galaxy S10+ will be more scratch and drop resistant

China-based leaker @UniverseIce followed up on our exclusive report about a ceramic back Galaxy S10+. He adds that it will only be available on the variant with 12GB RAM and 1TB of storage. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about a Galaxy S10 model with 12GB of RAM. The figure was floated in an analyst report. It predicted what could happen with regards to smartphone RAM options in the future. It wasn’t a leak but it was treated as such.

Outrageous RAM figures aside, there’s no denying the possibility that the top-tier configuration of the Galaxy S10+ may come with a ceramic back. The leaker mentions that the material has been created by Samsung using a special process which makes it more scratch and drop resistant. Ceramic is a more durable material. It is placed slightly lower than diamond and sapphire on the internationally recognized Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It’s also said that the material will have a “metallic luster.”

This will be far from the first smartphone with a ceramic back. Companies like Essential and Xiaomi have already beat Samsung to it. Nevertheless, it’s a good option to have on the company’s 10th anniversary Galaxy S flagship. Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S10 on February 20 in San Francisco.

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  • Yes well well. We let see after the announcement 😂all articles, may take with a pinch of salt...

  • Just get rid of the wireless charging and give it a metal back.

    I realized 8/10 times I charge my phone it's on the wireless pad. Cable is faster and also allows you to charge and use the phone at the same time

    • Not only you SHOULDN'T use your phone while it's charging, but cable charging is pretty much pre-historic. I haven't plugged a cable to a phone for charging since 2012, I sure has Hell won't go back 7 years. Specially for something as ugly and uncomfortable as a metal back.

      • Uh? Absolutely no reason whatsoever not to use your phone whilst it is charging.
        However, if you are uber-worried about battery health and longevity, then temperature extremes are your enemy. Too cold, or too hot, both militate against battery life. In so far as wireless charging tends to warm things up, it is not the best for your battery long term.

      • 2012? Really ?? What phone was that. The s6 was the first Samsung with wireless charging and that was 2015