12GB of RAM on the Samsung Galaxy S10? Not so fast

There’s an interesting new story out on the internet today about the Galaxy S10. Apparently, Samsung has a Galaxy S10 variant (the 5G-enabled model) with a whopping 12GB of RAM onboard. Before anyone gets excited, we felt we should point out that this isn’t an actual specs leak. The leak that many are basing this on is just a screenshot from an analyst report about how smartphone RAM options have risen steadily in 2018 and how they might continue to increase next year as well. Basically, it’s an analyst predicting what could happen, not a proper leak.

A Galaxy S10 with 12GB RAM is a pipe dream

Galaxy S10 RAM options could go as high as 12GB, but they won't

Samsung could put 12GB RAM on the Galaxy S10, but it won’t. We just got to 8GB of RAM on Galaxy phones with the Galaxy Note 9, after all. While the Galaxy S10 will be special as the tenth-anniversary Galaxy S flagship, we really don’t think such a major RAM upgrade will be one of the highlights. 8GB of RAM is likely to be where the Galaxy S10 specs will max out. Chinese OEMs have already announced phones with 10GB of RAM, but there’s no way Samsung will be able to offer so much RAM without a notable increase in price.

Don’t forget: The Galaxy S10 may come with Samsung’s new all-screen display with features like in-display fingerprint sensor and possibly even an under-display camera, so it could already be quite costly compared to previous Galaxy S flagships. 12GB of RAM, in short, sounds too good to be true. And it would be quite useless as well. Samsung’s software isn’t the most optimized, but there’s no reason to have so much RAM on even the most bloated of phones other than as a marketing gimmick.

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