Check out this beautiful Galaxy S10 concept

While Samsung’s foldable phone is the one to look out for this year, the Galaxy S10 will also be an important release. It will mark the tenth anniversary of Samsung’s main flagship line and it will also bring a major design upgrade compared to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, with smaller bezels and a hole in the display for the front camera.

A recent leak reportedly showed off a Galaxy S10 in the flesh, and we’ll have to wait for the complete look at the device until the official launch, or at least closer to the launch till a major leak surfaces, but the DBS Designer Team is showing us a neat little concept that envisions how stunning the Galaxy S10 could be.

As you can see in the video below (and in images on this site), the concept offers a clean design with extremely small bezels, rear cameras that sit flush with the body, and somewhat tacky colors. Like all concepts, this one is a little too imaginative that will not be matched by the actual product, but it’s still an interesting one that you can check out while you wait for Samsung’s official unveiling of its next flagship device.

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