Samsung W2019 flip phone gets certified with Android 8.1 Oreo

The Samsung W2019 flip phone is expected to be launched soon. Samsung launches a flagship flip phone annually for customers in China and it has another one in the pipeline. The existing W2018 was launched in December 2017. If history is any indication then the W2019 will also be launched around the same time this year.

Some of the flip phone’s specs will be similar to that of Samsung’s recent flagship smartphones. It will reportedly be powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor and feature a dual rear camera setup.

Samsung W2019 flip phone will ship with Android 8.1 Oreo

The Samsung W2019 running Android 8.1 Oreo has now received its Wi-Fi certification. It can thus be taken as a strong indication that the handset will ship with this version of Oreo. That’s not surprising as Samsung would have hardly launched it with Android 9 Pie pre-installed. However, the handset will eventually receive the Pie update as well in 2019.

No further information about the SM-W2019 has been revealed by this listing. We have already told you that Samsung has the firmware for this device in development. The detailed specs are as yet unavailable but they should start leaking out in the coming weeks.

The Samsung W2019 flip phone will be exclusive to China like all of its predecessors. There isn’t really that big of a market elsewhere for this form factor. Samsung can’t be expected to offer the W2019 in any market other than China. The launch itself remains a mystery for now as Samsung hasn’t dropped any hints about it so far.

Samsung W2019 flip phone


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This is BS, there absolutely IS a market for these phones outside of China. The problem with their flips that they made available on a larger scale is that they are totally underpowered, the specs are way too low. They aren’t even mid-range.

I know because I own and have used two of the Folders. They are stunning pieces of hardware but they are held back by being so low powered.

We all know Samsung knows how to push the envelope and innovate, and if they wanted to they could sell a million of these, without batting an eyelash.

Try again.


I love this phone but don’t understand why Samsung not able to launch in India?.


Probably because no customer for it in India.


and the price is too high for India.