Rumor claims Samsung to launch device with four cameras this year

It’s not uncommon to see outrageous claims coming out of the rumor mill and this latest one seems to fit the bill, notwithstanding the fact that it comes from a China-based source who has been right on some accounts in the past. The leakster who goes by @UniverseIce on Twitter has claimed that Samsung is going to launch a new device later this year which will have four rear cameras.

The cryptic tweet itself didn’t reveal much, only that there may be a Samsung device with four cameras. Smartphones with four cameras are not that unusual in this day and age. There are quite a few handsets with a dual camera setup in the front and back.

A four-camera smartphone or something else?

Dig deep into the Twitter thread and you’ll find his responses which shed more light on this rumor. When asked if this four-camera device will have two each at the front and back, the source says that they will all be at the back. He also pointed out that this device won’t be the Galaxy S10 or the rumored Galaxy F foldable device. So this is presumably a different device because it’s obviously not going to be a new Galaxy Note.

He was also asked if this device would be out in 2019 and 2020. One would expect a device with four rear cameras to be a flagship offering and seeing as how both 2018 flagships have now been released, it would seem like the logical conclusion. However, the source says that this device will be out in 2018.

Clearly, there’s more here than meets the eye. Is it possible that this four-camera device isn’t a smartphone but something else? Could it be a new camera? The source doesn’t provide any further information about this device and there are no other rumors to go on.

It would be best to file this as one of those bold rumors that we often see from the rumor mill. Until there’s more evidence to go on, we can’t be sure if such a device is in the pipeline at Samsung.

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