AR Emoji update adds more customization options

Samsung launched its “3D emoji” feature called AR Emoji with the Galaxy S9 earlier this year. The company said at the launch that it has been working on this feature for a few years. AR Emoji creates a digital avatar of the user which tracks their facial movements.

The company continues to update this feature with new characters and options. The latest AR Emoji update has now been revealed by Samsung and it brings additional customization options.

AR Emoji update

Samsung reveals that the latest AR Emoji update brings improved facial tracking in addition to new customization options that will allow users to better capture their individuality. The new My Emoji Editor feature provides simple tools to fine-tune distinguishing characteristics such as the eyes, lips, nose, cheeks and other facial features.

Once users take a selfie to generate their AR Emoji after this update, they will be able to to make detailed adjustments to their digital avatar’s ears, hair and facial features. This will allow them to adjust the shape of the avatar’s face to closely mirror their own.

The latest AR Emoji update also improves its face-tracking function. Samsung mentions a 65 percent increase in “landmark detector” points. What this means is that AR Emoji will be able to track the movement of the eyes and mouth even more precisely. The update delivers a frame rate boost as well to recreate movements that feel smoother and more natural.

This AR Emoji update will soon be rolling out in markets across the globe.

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