Samsung expected to launch new smartwatch at IFA 2018

Samsung is due to launch a new smartwatch later this year. A new report out of South Korea suggests that the company is planning to do that at the IFA 2018 trade show which is set to take place in September this year. It will be the successor to the Gear S3 but if recent reports are believed, it may not be called the Gear S4.

New Samsung smartwatch launch

Samsung has trademarked the term Galaxy Watch and there are reports that this is what the company will be calling its new smarwatch. The company is expected to bring its wearable fitness and activity trackers under the Galaxy brand as well.

The report from South Korea today also mentions that Samsung’s new smartwatch may be called the Galaxy Watch. Samsung will reportedly highlight the connectivity of the smarwatch with its Galaxy smartphones, though that doesn’t mean that the smartwatch won’t pair with non-Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung may also be looking to compete against the new Apple Watch that its rival may launch later this year. The Apple Watch accounts for a substantial chunk of the wearable device market and is unquestionably the biggest rival for Samsung’s smartwatches. The new model may be pitched as a bonafide Apple Watch competitor.

Not much is known about Samsung’s upcoming wearable device at this time. We did confirm exclusively that it will come with Bixby onboard. The design itself might be slimmed down a bit and it may also feature a larger battery.

We will likely hear more information about the Galaxy Watch/Gear S4 in the weeks to come. IFA 2018 does appear to be the appropriate venue for Samsung to unveil this device.

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