Early Galaxy Note 9 release may be due to Samsung’s accelerated schedule

Samsung released the Galaxy S9 a month before the Galaxy S8 came out last year and that move has paid dividends for the company. While it’s common for us to hear reports about an early release for upcoming Samsung flagships, it seems plausible this time around because a precedent has already been set.

Another report out of South Korea claims that there’s going to be an early Galaxy Note 9 release due to Samsung’s accelerated release schedule. It’s said that Samsung is speeding up the release schedule for its flagship smartphones ahead of the launch of the much-awaited foldable smartphone next year.

Galaxy Note 9 release

This isn’t going to the be the last report we hear about a possible early Galaxy Note 9 release. One report from a couple of months ago claimed that Samsung will release its flagship phablet ahead of schedule to make up for less-than-stellar sales of the Galaxy S9. That report claimed that the Galaxy Note 9 could be out by late July or early August.

Industry sources cited in the latest report claim that Samsung Display has started mass production of the 6.38-inch display panel for the Galaxy Note 9 in April, meaning that the company has started display production two months before it did for the Galaxy Note 8 last year. The late July and early August release timeframe has been reiterated in this report which also claims that the below expectation sales of the Galaxy S9 are one of the reasons why Samsung will make this decision.

The report also echoes recent speculation that the Galaxy S10 is going to be launched in January next year. Samsung is actually expected to unveil the handset at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in early January because it apparently wants to use the Mobile World Congress 2019 slot for the much-rumored foldable smartphone. It’s said that the company has accelerated its flagship release schedule for the next year in order to find a slot to debut the foldable device.

The early launch of the Galaxy S9 this year does make it seem plausible that this will play out as reported but it’s still too soon to be sure about the timeframe. Things should become more clear in the coming months. What are your thoughts on an accelerated release timeframe for Samsung’s upcoming premium devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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