May 2018 security patch update released for the Galaxy J2 Pro

Yet again, the latest Android security patch is making its debut on one of Samsung’s budget smartphones, with the Galaxy J2 Pro (called the Galaxy J2 (2018) in some markets) receiving an update in Bangladesh with the May 2018 security patch in tow. This is also another instance where the security patch has been released for a Samsung device before an official announcement of what the patch includes by either Google or Samsung. Not that we’re complaining, though it would be great to see the Korean giant releasing these updates for its flagship phones ahead of other devices for a change.

Galaxy J2 Pro May 2018 security patch

What we do wonder, however, is whether these early security patch updates actually incorporate the latest security fixes. A recent report suggested that Android manufacturers often deceive consumers by changing the date on older updates to make it look like the device is running the latest security patch. While Samsung was highlighted as being quite regular with security updates (in addition to Sony and, of course, Google) and not named as one of the OEMs who do the whole date changing trick, it’s possible the company chooses to do so sometimes with these quick updates for its budget phones.

There’s no way to be sure, though, so if you’re rocking a Galaxy J2 Pro in Bangladesh, download the update from the Settings » Software update menu on your phone. The firmware for the latest build is also available in our database, which you can use to manually upgrade via a PC if the update doesn’t show up over the air.


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when the android 8.0 update SM-J250F J2 PRO


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when the android 8.0 release for GALAXY J2Pro SM-(250F)?