Galaxy S8 Active officially launched on T-Mobile and Sprint

It has been rumored for a few weeks now that the Galaxy S8 Active is headed to T-Mobile. If that were to happen, it would have been the first time that an “Active” variant was launched on a carrier other than AT&T. When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 Active earlier this year, it did say that the handset was exclusive to AT&T for a limited time. This left the door wide open for the handset to land on other carriers.

We also reported yesterday that the Galaxy S8 Active might be launched on Sprint as well. Samsung has killed two birds with one stone today and confirmed in a single press release that the Galaxy S8 Active will soon be available from T-Mobile and Sprint.

Galaxy S8 Active On T-Mobile And Sprint

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 Active will be available in Meteor Gray from T-Mobile and Sprint starting this month. What is hasn’t confirmed is the precise release date for each carrier.

The company hasn’t confirmed pricing information as yet but we can expect that both T-Mobile and Sprint will follow through with that information soon. The Galaxy S8 Active costs around $850 on AT&T so that’s likely how much it’s going to cost on these carriers.

T-Mobile and Sprint will release the Galaxy S8 Active on their networks by the end of this month. We can expect to get the official release dates in the near future.

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