Sprint Galaxy S8 Active will be launched soon

AT&T has had exclusivity over the “Active” variants of Samsung’s Galaxy S handsets but that’s set to end soon. It has been confirmed more or less that the Galaxy S8 Active will soon be launched on T-Mobile. It appears that Magenta will not be the only carrier other than AT&T to offer this handset, though.

If a new leak is believed, the Sprint Galaxy S8 Active will be launched soon as well. This only leaves Verizon and it’s as yet unknown if the largest carrier in the United States will also get this handset.

Sprint Galaxy S8 Active

The popular Twitter leakster Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks has shared a render of what he claims to be the Sprint Galaxy S8 Active. There’s obviously nothing physically different about the device compared to the one that’s already out on AT&T.

The only difference is that it mentions Sprint as the carrier name and not AT&T or T-Mobile. This image isn’t difficult to fabricate at all but given the track record of this source, I’m inclined to believe that the Galaxy S8 Active is indeed heading to Sprint.

We’ve not seen any certifications or FCC filings for the Sprint-bound Galaxy S8 Active but they’re likely to surface soon if it’s destined for the carrier. Sprint itself hasn’t said anything to confirm or deny that it will start selling the Galaxy S8 Active in the not so distant future.


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B Baker
B Baker

Um there IS a difference between the TMO version of the S8 active and the other phones, it will have the new 600Mhz band that gets through buildings better and will function better in rural areas where that signal is.


This is so pointless. The Galaxy S9 is around the corner and they’re just now thinking of releasing the S8 Active?

B Baker
B Baker

for you maybe, I’d rather have a phone thats not quite as breakable as the s8, s8+ and probably s9 series as well. Built from the groud up to be tougher that any phone with a case and screen protector ever could be.