Samsung Flow for Windows 10 now works without Trusted Platform Module

Samsung Flow was launched three years ago to provide seamless content handoff between devices. It can be used to transfer content between devices like smartphones, smartwatches, TV, PCs and tablets. Samsung has gradually expanded it to more devices. Four months ago, Samsung made it compatible with all Windows 10 PCs.

Samsung Flow for Windows 10 enables users to accomplish a variety of tasks. For example, they can use their compatible Galaxy smartphone’s fingerprint sensor to unlock their PC. They can also sync texts, automatically connect the PC to the phone’s hotspot, transfer files and more.

Samsung Flow For Windows 10

Initially, the caveat was that Samsung Flow would only work with Windows 10 PCs that had a Trusted Platform Module or TPM.

A TPM is a secure crypto-processor that performs cryptographic operations on a PC. It has multiple physical security mechanisms that make it tamper resistant. Windows 10 PCs that didn’t have a TPM wouldn’t allow users to take advantage of Samsung Flow.

That’s no longer the case. An updated version of the Samsung Flow app is now available for download from the Microsoft Store. The changelog confirms that Samsung Flow can be used on PCs without TPM.

Those who want to use Samsung Flow must have their PC running Windows 10 version 15063.413 or later and Android 6.0.1 or higher on their device.


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But the driver itself is causing bluescreens on my laptop, so I ditched it for awhile. Since that notification is literally bugging me off.


Still doesnt work!!! Keeps telling me to install driver, but needs TPM!? waited way too long for this


Oh gosh finally