Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) vs Galaxy J7 (2016) in pictures

Samsung’s 2016 editions of the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 were the company’s first steps in the market for premium-feeling budget smartphones. The J5 and J7 had metal rims that made for a notably improved look and feel compared to the original Galaxy J handsets and pretty much any other low-cost Samsung phone that had come before.

Samsung then tested the waters with the metal unibody design of the Galaxy J7 Prime in the Indian market, before ultimately unleashing the 2017 versions of the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7. We have already reviewed the Galaxy J5 (2017) and found it to be better built than even the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Before we bring our verdict on the Galaxy J7 (2017), we thought we would give you a look at last year’s Galaxy J7 and this year’s model side by side to see how things have changed.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) vs Galaxy J7 (2016) in pictures

The pictures don’t do justice to the kind of improvements the 2017 Galaxy J lineup brings. Gone are the sharp edges and the plastic bits, replaced by metal that flows smoothly from where the display ends towards the back of the device. Of course, the metal unibody means the battery on the new phones isn’t accessible, but with the kind of battery life the J series is known to provide, it shouldn’t make much of a difference for most folks out there.

Well, enough talk, it’s time to let the pictures do the talking. Check them out below, and let us know what you think of Samsung’s newest Galaxy J smartphones! Also see how the two devices compare in terms of hardware specifications, and look out for our review of the Galaxy J7 (2017).

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