[Poll Results!] Attention, America: Are you happy with Bixby Voice?

Earlier this week, Samsung finally released Bixby Voice for the Galaxy S8 in the United States. The news came following what felt like a lifetime of delays, which stemmed from the firm not having the resources it needed to translate the platform from Korean to US English, but alas — it got there in the end.

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Now that folks in the United States have had some time to play around with Bixby Voice, we want to know exactly what they think of it. If you reside in the region and have been using the assistant, be sure to let us know by casting a vote in the poll below, then feel free to expand on your answer in the comments section.

Poll Results: The majority (56%) of voters are happy with their experience, while 28% firmly believe that there’s room for improvement and 16% think it’s destined for the trash.

Are you happy with Bixby Voice?

  • Yes (56%, 853 Votes)
  • There’s room for improvement (28%, 423 Votes)
  • No (16%, 242 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,518

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25 days 6 hours ago

Will it ever come to other countries in their native languages, or is the bixby button going to be useless forever?

Ali Elham
25 days 18 hours ago
Ali Elham

Samsung! You don’t have only customer in the USA or South Korea rather you have customer in all country of the world. you are always thinking for USA or South Korea only😒😡😠
Let us know when you release Bixby to our reign???

27 days 4 hours ago
Martin Eugeniev

I had an S8 and sold it and got an iPhone… for some may be the stupidest thing ever and for some may not be but the I gonna admit that Bixby so far is awesome…

26 days 14 hours ago
Martin Eugeniev

Phh… People… I said nothing bad about Samsung but you are very strange…

27 days 23 hours ago

So far it does almost everything I want it to, post beta.

28 days 3 hours ago

i will tell when it comes to Spain…in Spanish…if Ever happens…of course!

28 days 7 hours ago
Chris Banks

It’s actually really cool. Late to the party, but it brought beers so we’re cool.