Samsung ditching in-screen fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung was originally rumored to be thinking about debuting an in-screen fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy S8 but that didn’t happen. The company reportedly decided against the idea as the technology wasn’t ready so it simply repositioned the fingerprint sensor at the back.

It has since been rumored that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first smartphone from Samsung to feature a fingerprint sensor that’s integrated into the display itself. However, there have been many reports recently that sing a different tune.

The latest out of South Korea claims that Samsung is likely going to give up on the in-screen fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note 8 due to technical challenges. The company is reportedly having a hard time making an integrated circuit that will be placed under the display to read the fingerprint image off of the display’s surface.

Samsung is also said to be facing issues with production yields and securing the transparency of the sensor. Another report suggested that uneven display brightness might also be one of the reasons why the Galaxy Note 8 might not have an in-screen sensor.

The company itself hasn’t said anything about the device so far which means nothing is set in stone as yet. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 in August this year.

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