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Samsung is working on multiple accessories for the Gear VR

Samsung recently unveiled a new Gear VR with a wireless controller. The controller greatly improves the virtual reality experience and makes it easier to play VR games. The South Korean electronics giant has published a patent application with the USPTO (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office), revealing various accessories that are being made for the Gear VR.

The first Gear VR accessory that Samsung seems to be working on is a clear cover case so that the smartphone’s camera can be used to take pictures of the outside world. It can also provide a picture-in-picture view within the headset. The other accessory is a trackpad attachment that can be folded and used in various angles. A similar trackball accessory can be attached to the Gear VR, and it can be used for a more precise input for certain virtual reality apps and games.

A ‘Wheel Key’ accessory can be pretty handy in a use case where scrolling through text is required. A multitouch pad accessory has been shown in the patent application for VR shopping where users can pick up and interact with a virtual object. It can be used to flip, tilt, or zoom any virtual product. Samsung also illustrates a possibility of controlling a drone using head movements and various input accessories on the Gear VR.

Samsung is also working on a way to attach various sensors such as an eye tracker, an iris scanner, or a fingerprint sensor to the Gear VR. Final products utilizing these technologies may or may not make it to the market, depending on various factors. You can view additional patent images by clicking the source link below.

Samsung Gear VR New Accessories

Samsung Gear VR New Accessories

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