32GB storage variants of Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime and J7 Prime are now available in India

We had reported last month that Samsung is planning to launch a 32GB storage variant of the Galaxy J7 Prime in India. Now, Samsung has announced that it has launched the 32GB storage variant of not only the Galaxy J7 Prime but also the Galaxy J5 Prime. Earlier, these smartphones were available in the country with just 16GB internal storage. Other specs remain the same, including the 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays, metal bodies, and 13-megapixel rear cameras. We should note that the J7 Prime did have a 32GB variant in the form of the Galaxy On Nxt, but that device is only available online.

The Galaxy J5 Prime with 32GB internal storage is priced at INR 14,900 (approx. $230) and the Galaxy J7 Prime with 32GB internal storage is priced at INR 16,900 (approx. $260) in India. Both smartphones are available in Black and Gold, and can be purchased through Samsung’s official online store (third-party stores should also be stocking the new variants in the near future). Featuring dual SIM slots (and a dedicated microSD slot), the two phones are compatible with LTE networks in the country.

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This phone is have a problem. After 3 months phone is heat and at the same time phone is dead without any reason.