Samsung to launch limited edition Pirates of the Caribbean case for the Galaxy S8

Disney has teamed up with Samsung to celebrate the upcoming release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales by launching a special edition case for the Galaxy S8 — or so it would seem.

While the add-on is still yet to be announced, a series of pictures were uploaded to Weibo earlier today, showing off the case itself, together with the slew of accessories it ships with, including a faux gold ring.


Just like the Iron Man variant of the Galaxy S6 that launched back in 2015, the Pirates of the Caribbean version is said to have a custom UI, which is automatically applied via NFC when the case is attached to the handset.

According to Android Authority, the case will set customers back around 300 yuan ($44) when it launches in China in June. It’s currently unclear whether it’ll make its way to other markets, but we’re guessing it will.

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